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Bali Wedding Photographer - Pre Wedding Photo Bali

Yande photography. Bali wedding photographer & pre wedding photographer in Bali. Majoring in Outdoor engagement photography. Offer affordable photo package!
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27 Camel Ride Bali Pre Wedding

Have you ever thought to have camel ride Bali pre wedding, which is pre weddingphotography in Bali with camel riding? On this page I will give you information about Bali pre wedding photo with camel ride. Some of you may have seen pre wedding photo with horse ride but pre wedding pictures with camel ride is a different thing. 

Now in Bali you can do pre wedding pictures with camel ride, you don't have to go to middle east to ride a camel. Beside camel ride, Bali also provides horse ride and elephant ride.

Camel Ride Bali Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

The locations where you can take camel ride Bali pre wedding photo shoot is Sawangan beach, the beach located in front of Nikko hotel Bali. Sawangan beach offer clean white sand beach and if it's on sunny day, you will see amazing blue skies, which is looking very beautiful for your pre wedding photo background. 

This is why Sawangan beach great place to have your pre wedding photo. On this beach there is a company that provide camel ride or camel safari services, if you would like to have camel ride Bali pre wedding photo shoot, then you can hire it for half hour which is cause Rp 500.000. Half hour is more than enough to have your pre wedding photo with camel ride.
Some of you may feel worry to ride a camel, but you don't have to worry, because there are two professional guide who will assist you during camel riding. This professional guide will direct the camel to do as the guide want. 

Beside camel ride, Sawangan beach also offer big tree on white sand, which is great for your pre wedding photo shoot. Camel ride has the same direction with famous hidden beach for pre wedding in Bali, which is Tegal Wangi beach.

If you would like to have Bali pre wedding photo shoot with camel ride, please fell free to contact us! Yande photography - Bali pre wedding photographer is more than please to escort you to Sawangan Beach and create your pre wedding photography with camel ride.

Photo Gallery Camel Ride Bali Pre Wedding

To see full photo gallery of camel ride Bali pre wedding, please follow the link Camel Riding.
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43 Wedding Photography Bali - Chelsea & Grant - Australia

As Bali photographer, I'm always happy to take wedding photography Bali. Happy smile, tears and joyful moment are thing that always happen on wedding day. Being able to capture every single moment in candid photojournalism style is my main priority and if I achieve it it's feel more than the money that I get pay.

It's been a long time ago this wedding occurs and knows I have the time to share with all of you the moment of Chelsea & Grant wedding day in photograph. By the way Chelsea & Grant is a happy couple form Australia and decide to have their marriage in Bali. The event occurs in Intercontinental hotel Bali, which is nice place to have held a marriage ceremony.

Wedding Photography Bali - Australian Couple

Chelsea & Grant choose my 10 hours wedding photography package, in 10 hours durations this will let me able to capture from getting ready sessions for bride and groom, bridal photo session also groom photo session with family and friend. Also the most important thing is the wedding it self.

Chelsea & Grant choose to have their wedding reception in outdoor style and near the beach of Jimbaran. For me it’s quite challenging to get their reception party because less light on the locations. Luckily I use Nikon D3s with Nikkor 85 mm 1.4 D and my partner, which is also professional Bali wedding photographer use Nikkon D3 with Nikkor 50 mm 1.4G. This really helps us to get great image even in extreme low light conditions.

Let’s move on to the pictures it self, if you love it please give your comment on the comment form on below page. All the wedding pictures taken by Yande and Taufan.

All right of the image reserved by Yande Photography. Please don’t use the image for any purposes without any authorization from Yande Photography.

Chelsea & Grant Wedding Photography Bali 

bali wedding

Wedding Photography Bali

bali wedding photo

bali wedding photos

bali weddings

foto wedding bali

Wedding Photo In Bali

Wedding Photography In Bali
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33 Photo Prewedding In Bali Catherine & Greg

Photo prewedding in Bali isn't it amazing thing to do. Every couple that plans to get married soon will have their dream to have pre wedding photo shoot. Let say, Singaporean will love their prewedding photo taken in Malaysia, Taiwan or perhaps Hong Kong. But plenty of Singaporean also loves to choose their neighbor country to have prewedding photo, which is Indonesia.

Indonesia has plenty great and amazing places to have your pre wedding photo shoot and one of the best photo shoot locations that people look for in Indonesia is Bali. As all you know the island of Bali has uniqueness on natural scenery, beaches, and traditional architecture also the culture of Balinese peoples.

One of my client which is they are Singaporean, decide to have their photo prewedding in Bali and trust me to take their special moment on the island through the lens of my camera. Their name is Catherine & Greg. They choose gold packages from my pre wedding photographypackages.

Below is the locations of their photo prewedding in Bali.

The first location that we decide to go is Taman Ujung Water Palace, to get there it need 1 hour 45 minutes driving by car. Because of this, we should go early in the morning to make sure we don’t run out of time. On this first locations we spend 1,5 hours for make up and for the photo shoot it self take time about 1 hour 40 minutes.

The second location is White Sand Beach, this is the other hidden beach beside Tegal Wangi Beach and I won’t write down the exact location of this beach, if you would like to know the exact location just send me an email. We take 1-hour photo shoot on this beautiful white sand beach.

The last one is Bajra Sandhi Renon, to get more detail about all the locations of the photo shoot, just click the link, it will redirect you to the page that explain in detail of each locations, also with sample of the pre wedding picture taken on each locations.

All of you must be asking, where is the photos, than let's move on to their prewedding pictures. By the way, all of the pictures on this website are copyrighted, please don't use all of the pictures on this website without written approval from Yande photography - Bali Wedding Photographer.

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